Gorgeous dioramas on top and inside common objects by Kendal Murray

Kendal Murray is a Sydney, Australia-based artist specialized in miniature and assemblage. She loves to play with common objects building lush scenarios into, around and on top of them; from makeup compacts and coin purses to glass teapots and vases. Her creations explore familiar feelings and emotions, such as nostalgia, daydream, satisfaction, and delight.

“Kendal Murray’s interest in the physical representation of psychological states informs her art practice. Murray explores this issue through a variety of concepts that range from topical and provocative, to reflective of experiences that form part of the collective memory. Dreaming and day dreaming, memory, nostalgia and collecting are a few of the themes and experiences that have informed her work. Murray uses a range of artistic techniques and medias to communicate these concepts, and is currently incorporating a miniature scale within her sculpture to communicate the experiences of interiority and its interconnection with memory and subjectivity.” – Kendal Murray.

More information: Website, Instagram.