Gorgeous hyper-realistic paintings that look like photography by Renato Muccillo

Canadian artist Renato Muccillo amazingly paints hyper-realistic natural and idyllic landscapes that look like photography.

“Artist RENATO MUCCILLO’s landscapes have often been compared to those of Dutch masters and 19th Century English artists. However, Muccillo’s images remind us how frequently today’s landscape has been affected and appropriated by man and industry. We are mesmerized at first by the luxurious colours and near miraculous use of light but, on closer inspection, we notice the culvert, the pilings, the log booms, or the distant plume of smoke stacks. Even the farms that serve as subject matters of his paintings leave us wondering if they are viable or abandoned as there is no sign of human life – only the marks left behind by man and machine.” – White Rock Gallery on Renato Muccillo.

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