Lovely mini animal polymer clay sculptures by Raminta

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Raminta is a Lithuanian artisan based in Vilnius, owner of the online shop Ramalama Creatures. She crafts extremely cute mini polymer clay sculptures of animals and fantasy creatures that definitely are going to make you say: “Oh, my God! Those are the most adorable ones I’ve ever seen!”.

“I’m fascinated by intricate beauty, diversity and harmony of Nature, mysterious patterns and relationships of all Lifeforms on our planet. (…) I was born in quiet town of Palanga on the Baltic Sea shore, and spent all my childhood surrounded by delicate wildlife environment, where my passion for Nature developed and blossomed. Now I live in charming old town of Vilnius and work in my home studio, where all of my Creatures are born.” – Raminta.

More information: Instagram, Facebook, Etsy (h/t: Designwrld).