Colorful illustrative paintings by Andrew Hem

Los Angeles-based, Cambodian-American artist Andrew Hem creates gorgeous illustrative paintings that depict people in dreamlike colorful scenarios, but in a gloomy atmosphere and thoughtful mood.

“Andrew Hem’s illustrative paintings bridge disparate aesthetic influences as well as cultural touchstones and sensibilities. Hem’s paintings typically highlight an individual within a group of figures, homing in on the one person who is often somberly staring out from the canvas. Using a cool palette in which the colors do not quite match up with the real world, the artist creates somber moods in illusionistic spaces set at a remove from reality. Although his color scheme – with its supernatural rendering of the natural world – elicits comparisons to impressionism, Hem also echoes graffiti art based on his straightforward and illustrative rendering of figures and space, as well as allusions to street culture, art, and fashion.” – Andrew Hem via Artsy.

More information: Website, Instagram.