Marvelous colorful murals by Raúl Sisniega

Selection of awesome street artworks by Mexican-based artist Raúl Sisniega. His colorful murals blend surrealism with psychedelia, resulting in a unique style.

“I get my visual references from many different sources. Some of them are as old as cartoons, Nintendo and sega video games. Others come from my art history classes, and a lot of them come from music, movies and science. I have a particular interest in biology and physics; specifically in the microcosmos and the macrocosmos. Since I started to take a look at how my body works and the environment surrounding it, I received many moments of joy and amazing personal discoveries. It’s this feeling of joy and amazement that drives me to create and share with all the viewers the things that blow my mind.” – Raúl Sisniega.

More information: Website, Instagram, Facebook (h/t: Fubiz).