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Sculptural twisted spaghetti-like benches by Pablo Reinoso

Pablo Reinoso is a French-Argentine artist and designer who creates amazing benches with unusual shapes. Their long and interlaced structures, that resemble spaghetti threads, fill large spaces, climb up nearby walls and rise up in the air.

“Originally a sculptor but essentially an artist, Pablo Reinoso has practiced art in different ways since an early age. He created his first sculpture at thirteen and his first bench-sculpture at fifteen, but at six he had already made chairs and bookcases, and had invented carts that tore down the slopes of France Square in Buenos Aires. (…) Reinoso stages benches that, having fulfilled their role as furniture, become once again branches that can grow and climb. (…) they can at least express themselves freely by embracing architecture, roaming through places, exploring gaps, and giving free rein to their whims.” – Pablo Reinoso.

More information: Website, Instagram (h/t: Colossal).