Not Art: another view on classic references by Warsheh

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Amman, Jordan-based design collective Warsheh, composed of the creatives Hadi Alaeddin and Mothanna Husseinm, has created a series of digital collages that reinterprets classic paintings to make us reflect on our nebulous conception about what is or not art.

“This is Not Art. It’s not deeply meaningful or vaguely philosophical. It’s not calculated or exact. It is only a series of posters designed from classic paintings. A simple reinterpretation of how we saw them. Our tribute to art and design.” – Warsheh.

More information: Website, Behance, Tumblr, Facebook.

NOT The Conversion of St Paul
NOT The Valpinçon Bather
NOT Venus Bathing
NOT Saint Francis in Meditation
NOT Girl with a Pearl Earring
NOT Portrait of a Young Girl
NOT The Skater
NOT Doge Leonardo Loredan
NOT The Death of Marat
NOT The Birth of Venus