Cyberpunk scenarios of wild animals roaming around nightly cityscapes by Carlos Jimenez Varela

In his series titled Nocturnal Animals, San José, Costa Rica-based photo composer and high-end retoucher Carlos Jimenez Varela created fantastic scenarios of wild animals roaming around nightly cyberpunk-like cityscapes.

“This is a series of composites of wild animals within a foreign context for them. For homogeneity, I went with a “cyberpunk” kind of aesthetics. Night scenes with lots of contrast and color provided by neon and different light sources. Surrealism rules apply so I can change things like scale or how gravity affects them in order to make things interesting. Most of the original photography for these composites was found on well known royalty-free websites such as Pexels, Unsplash, etc. I love this kind of project for the possibility of sharpening my tools in both retouch and compositing in Photoshop, but it also is a really good creative exercise.” – Carlos Jimenez Varela.

More information: Website, Behance, Instagram, Facebook (h/t: Fubiz).