Fabulous night photographs of Tokyo’s streets by Masashi Wakui

Nighttime, when it is accompanied by a cozy luminosity, has a magical power to turn any ambiance into something more beautiful than it looks like during the day. The overpopulated metropolitan area of Tokyo is a good example of this. Its narrow streets and numerous lanes full of illuminated signs, paper lanterns and neon lights become even more charming at night. Self-taught Japanese photographer Masashi Wakui has been registering these delightful scenarios in the last 5 years and I’m sure you’re gonna fall in love with this selection below.

More information: FlickerTumblerInstagramTwitterImgur (h/t: Bored Panda).

Curated by Leandro Oliveira

I’m the CEO-founder of Visualflood, based in Feira de Santana, Brazil. Someone who loves visual arts and innovative technologies.

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