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“The Vacanti Man” by Rob Elford

The Vacanti Man is a project by artist and designer Rob Elford that consists of a series of 3D-printed sculptural accessory pieces.

“The Vacanti Man explores an allegorical visual narrative of pixelated body horror inspired by the experiments of Charles Vacanti, who cultivated human limbs under a subject’s skin. It explores Freudian, quasi-religious projections of masculinity, which are represented by the reoccurring imagery of the eye and the hand. (…) The hands and arms originate from 3d scans of actual limbs. These have then been subjected to a literal process of decimation, where a computerised algorithm reduces the original scan data into simplified tessellated shapes. This decimation explores the reductionist nature of masculinized gender norms and current political trends of backwards facing social conservatism.” – Rob Elford.

More information: WebsiteBehance (h/t: Artnau).