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Surrealist ultra-colorful animal illustrations by Antonio Segura Donat

Antonio Segura Donat, aka Dulk, is a Valencia-born multifaceted and all-purpose artist, mainly focused on illustration and street art. Dulk creates mesmerizing surrealist and allegorical scenarios blending fauna and flora elements with human objects. And all that is painted with a pleasant and ultra-colorful palette.

“His naturalistic worlds show us a tragi-comic and surrealistic themed landscape full of details, sometimes real sometimes fiction but always inviting us to dive on them. His compositions recreate biological environments involved in antagonistic concepts. With a soft chromatic palette, Dulk creates a oneiric narrative scenario full of characters, which is the first visualization transmits beauty and calm but that will lead us to a deeper meaning in the following observations.” – Dulk.

More information: Website, Instagram, Facebook.