Pop Portraits: illustrations of pop culture icons in colorful patterns by Alessandro Pautasso

Alessandro Pautasso (aka Kaneda) is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Turin, Italy. His series Pop Portraits is an ongoing personal project that depicts great names and characters from pop culture in illustrations that merge different types of colorful patterns.

“He began drawing when he was a child, as when Alessandro discovered an illustration book about the Beatles by Alan Aldridge that he realized that he wanted to become a designer/illustrator. Attracted by the visual arts, he started working in the field of commercial art and simultaneously focused on the so-called digital art.” – Alessandro Pautasso.

More information: Website, Behance, Instagram, Facebook.

Fresh Prince/Will Smith


Lady Gaga

Marshmallow Man


Mia Wallace/Uma Thurman

Daft Punk

Vincent Vega/John Travolta

Marilyn Monroe

Eleven/Millie Bobby Brown