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Las Muertas: a gorgeous portrait series by Tim Tadder

Encinitas, California-based photographer Tim Tadder, with the collaboration of creative director Krisztianna and stylist Julia Reeser, has created a superb and colorful series of portraits that pay tribute to La Dia De Los Muertos (The Day of the Dead), one of the most important and traditional Mexican holidays.

“The Dia De Los Muertos festival is a beautiful display of culture, one that being in southern California is hard to hides its influence on visual arts. In October of 2014, I discovered Krisztianna, a Los Angeles artist that creates incredible Dia De Los Muertos sculptures. Inspired by her sculptures, I approached her about collaborating on a photoshoot. Krisztianna crafted a Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall set and hand painted the models as well as illustrating the portrait designs. For the incredible vintage styling we were fortunate to work with the talented Julia Reeser. The setting was a stormy day over the recently wild fire scorched earth. The combination of color, destruction and foreboding storm makes a truly surreal tribute to the traditions of the Dia De Los Muertos holiday.” – Tim Tadder.

More information: Website, Behance, Instagram, Facebook (h/t: Laughing Squid).