Fascinating editorial illustrations by Zoë van Dijk

Los Angeles-based artist Zoë van Dijk creates gorgeous editorial illustrations that merge the light and dark sides of our world, in a surrealist way full of bright colors and pop culture references.

“I would define how I work as conceptual narrative: being clever is not always as important to me as conveying mood. I wouldn’t say that I have a highly stylised way of drawing like some of my contemporary peers. I do consistently make specific composition, colour and rendering choices that are, in combination and in their overall gestalt, specific to me but I don’t consider myself a standalone with a singular stylistic voice. My work is primarily in editorial where at the end of the day concept is king and I am constantly striving to find solutions that fit the prompt but don’t abandon my personal aesthetic.” – Zoë van Dijk via Creative Boom.

More information: Website, Instagram, Tumbler (h/t: Creative Boom).