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Doors and pieces of furniture transformed into geometric figurative murals by Stefaan De Croock

Stefaan De Croock is a Bruges, Belgium-based artist who mastered in fine arts (graphic design) at Sint-Lucas School Of Arts, in Ghent. Since 2011, he is fully dedicated to his artistic craft and project ‘Strook’, that includes a series of art-pieces made out of recycled stuff – mainly wood taken from old doors and furniture that he turns into large geometric figurative murals.

“Stefaan draws some basic lines first. Every drawing starts with that fast spontaneous, even impulsive action – leaning towards automatic drawing. Within those lines, he creates different dimensions by adding color, structure and narrative details. Story lines fight for the attention of the viewer. Yet the big composition holds ground.” – Stefaan De Croock.

More information: Website, Instagram, Facebook.