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CHIAROSCURO I: a mesmerizing dark and white landscape photographic series by Thomas Paturet

In his series titled CHIAROSCURO I – a reference to the Renaissance painting style that uses strong contrasts between light and dark – Bolquère, France-based architect, cartographer, and editor Thomas Paturet creates magnificent scenarios of mysterious landscapes, manipulating photographs of high mountains, giving them the effect of being in the middle of giant square portals. They make you feel as you are inside a wide dark chamber, with the light only radiating from these high apertures.

“From Rembrandt I’ve learned how little light there is in man. The Rembrandtesque portrait exhausts all its light resources; there is no more light in it. Light itself seems to be the interior refraction of a light that dies somewhere, far away. Rembrandt’s chiaroscuro doesn’t derive from bringing clarity and darkness in close proximity but from the illusion of light and from the infinity of the shadow. From Rembrandt I’ve learned that the world is born out of the shadow…​​​​​​​” – Thomas Paturet.

More information: Website, Behance, Instagram.

Mount Saint Helens – Chiaroscuro I
Mount Saint Helens – Chiaroscuro II
Mount Saint Helens – Chiaroscuro III
Mount Saint Helens – Chiaroscuro IV
Mount Saint Helens – Chiaroscuro V
Mount Saint Helens – Chiaroscuro VI
Mount Rainier – Chiaroscuro VII