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Ceramic coffee mugs customized with crystal details by artist Katie Marks

The handcrafted coffee mugs by Seattle-based artist Katie Marks are totally able to receive the status of artwork. Her exquisite work of customization with addition of beautiful crystal-like structures around each pieces turns them into stunning and useful ‘sculptures’.

“My process involves first throwing the piece on a potters wheel and then spending hours hand forming each crystal. (…) I love the fact that I can take a lump of dirt and turn it into something unique and beautiful from my brain”, Marks says.

More information: TumblrFacebookInstagramEtsy (h/t: My Modern Met).

, Marks says.

More information: Tumblr | Facebook | Instagram | Etsy (h/t: My Modern Met).

Written by Leandro Oliveira

I’m the CEO-founder of Visualflood, based in Feira de Santana, Brazil. Someone who loves visual arts and innovative technologies.

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