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Air Sea Land: an urban intervention with colorful sculptures by Okuda San Miguel

Okuda San Miguel is a multi-disciplinary Spanish artist famous for his colorful interventions made in and on buildings around the world, mainly the giant geometric figurative murals on their facades. This time, he has created a series of seven polygonal sculptures with multicolored facets and landed on the streets of Boston, Massachusetts. The series was titled Air Sea Land.

“The multicolored geometric structures and patterns are joined with gray bodies and organic forms in artistic pieces that could be categorized as Pop Surrealism with a clear essence of street forms. His works often raise contradictions about existentialism, the Universe, the infinite, the meaning of life, the false freedom of capitalism, and show a clear conflict between modernity and our roots; ultimately, between man and himself.” — (Artist’s statement).

More information: Website | Facebook | Instagram (h/t: Colossal).

Written by Leandro Oliveira

I’m the CEO-founder of Visualflood, based in Feira de Santana, Brazil. Someone who loves visual arts and innovative technologies.

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