City of Gateway – The Lamplighter by Sean Andrew Murray

City Of Gateway The Lamplighter By Sean Andrew Murray

The Lamplighter beasts once lumbered Gateway’s innumerable avenues, streets and alleys, keeping them lit with the warm glow of lava-light. These magical constructs were built to automate the process of lighting the city’s streets, but because of various design flaws (they are prone to murdering small dogs), they are required to be accompanied by a crew – one navigator, and one lava-minder, who is responsible for making sure that rogue globules of lava-light don’t drift out and away from the cauldron. The beast is also accompanied by 1-3 lanternfish, who can hang lanterns in harder-to-reach spots.

Sean Andrew Murray
Leandro Lima
Leandro Lima
CEO-founder of Visualflood. A Brazilian fine art photographer, among other things, who loves visual arts, nature, science, and innovative technologies.

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